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I offer naturopathic wellbeing consultations on a donation basis online or phone and Rejuvanessence face massage sessions in person

Naturopathic Advice Consultations

I have always had an insight into healing and the broad field of existence. Having then studied extensively and built up a wealth of knowledge and experience over 30 years of training in and practicing nutrition for supporting health and healing and alternative nature based therapies such as herbalism, homeopathy and body work, I offer a extensive range of insight and aim to get to the root of the matter where I can advise you as an individual with your journey to health where asked for but also to allow your own body wisdom to emerge.  My specialist area of depth is digestion and beneficial microbes and the gut biome and how that is a huge foundation for all aspects of our wellbeing.  No part of our physical selves can be isolated nor indeed separated from our mental, emotional and spiritual selves, so this ripples out into all areas, and likewise everything which is going on around us has an impact too.  Ultimately we are all unique and all have the ability to heal but sometimes it is good to seek support on that individual journey to get clarity or help with choosing where to start or what might come next. Sometimes it's just good to talk things through and listen to the bigger picture which is the foundation of how I work and the unseen energetic field which connects all thing.  I offer this on a donation basis as I feel it is an important part of the healing journey, to give what feels right to you and never be stressing about whether you can justify getting help.  I am the nutrition advisor for Microbz a small UK business based in Calne who brew of wonderful range of products for health, home and garden all based on beneficial microbes.  I am a member of the BHMA -British Holistic Medicine Association.

Rejuvanessence Face Massage

I trained in the modality of Rejuvanessence over 10 years ago and from the start found it a beautiful way to bring together many aspects of what I offer. A session is very hard to describe because it is a unique experience for everybody, but it's foundation is a very light gentle massage over face, head and shoulders, pinpointing bodylines, specific points, fascia layers and muscles. Not all areas in one session, but I go to where I am drawn or where you tell me you feel requires attention, which can touch the whole of you physically and emotionally, depending how deeply your being decides to open to the session. This is because all areas of the body are linked, in the same way that reflexology on the feet treats the whole bodyI am not really doing anything but the most important thing which is facillitating a space for you to receive nourishment from yourself often in silence after the initial settling in, where your body and mind can relax and let go of knots and blocks and open to more of yourself and more energy. It is sometimes called accessing the zero point where everything resets....... in a frequency of love.

These session are done in person from where I practice in Gloucestershire or I can come to you if you have a quiet space for a therapy couch and are not too far away.  Minimum donation of £25 and I do ask that travel costs are covered in addition to your donation.

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