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  • How much Olive Leaf Tea is in an Aware Living packet and how much does it make?
    There are 40-45g in a packet and if you use a small palmful per litre of water it is enough to make 8-10 litres.
  • What is the best way to use the BeCalm Balls?
    It is best to lie down somewhere comfortable with a thin cushion or pillow under the head. It takes a few goes to learn where the right place is for the balls. You measure the distance between your eyes with them and adjust the toggle. Then place directly behind your eyes at the back of your head. You will know when you have the right place as it will feel comfortable and you will feel a sense of relaxation, often you will find you take a deep breath. Lie like this for 10-15 minutes any time of the day or night. Many like to use them just before sleep. If you fall asleep dont worry you will naturally move off them or wake up after a bit, but try and remove them as you feel yourself drifting off.
  • Does Shungite protect against EMF fields ?
    Yes studies have shown that not only does true shungite from Karelia absorb toxins and radiation from water and the environment but reharmonises cells. Only certain materials can actually block frequencies (see our phone faraday pouches) but a few things such as shungite help the body re-find its harmony after interaction with these frequencies. It is a complex subject and I encourage you to do lots of research.
  • How do I make my Konjac Sponge last longer ?
    The most important thing to do to extend the life of your sponge is to let it dry out well between uses. For example near a radiator in the winter or in fresh air and a warm spot in the warmer seasons.
  • How do I contact you
    Please go to my contacts page and email me. Then I will be able to respond to your question. Thank you.
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