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Why Aware Living?

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About Aware Living

Hi, my name is Zara and I run Aware Living alongside Aware Healing which is the therapy side of my work, though I am currently amalgamating the two to this one website. I developed Aware Living because I am passionate about living with love for this earth and fellow beings.  Sourcing and  making really wonderful natural holistic lifestyle products which support our wellbeing as well as taking care of our planet.

It is time for us to step up and choose how we want to shape this world and support others around us. 

My ethos is that Nature holds the keys for all life to thrive on this Earth and that our one guideline should be ' to do no harm'.

I am a Naturopathic Wellbeing Advisor, working and constantly learning in this field for 30 years. All my wellbeing consultations are offered on a donation basis.

My wish is for everyone to become experts of their own health and wellbeing.  All our products are personally sourced, tried and tested.    

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