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Organic dried and chopped marshmallow root to make natural hair conditioner for all hair types and a natural hair detangler. It leaves the hair soft, shiny, silky and light, making it ideal to emphasise natural curls and waves.  Gives great body to the hair making the hair look fuller and leaving the hair easy to style. As a detangler it reduces hair damage caused by combing and brushing and makes the experience much more satisfying.
Unlike conventional conditioners, the hair does not go limp and oily after a few days and the conditioning and thickening effects last until the next hair wash. If you are looking for a truly environmentally friendly hair conditioner that really works, then look no further.
Ingredient INCI Althaea officinalis root

The Benefits of Marshmallow Root Hair Conditioner
Principally due to the high level of mucilage and polysaccharides, using marshmallow roots as hair conditioner has the following effects:
Makes the hair soft and flexible
Gives a lustrous shine
Thickens hair strands – the mucilage binds with hair strands.
Gives natural body and bounce to the hair
Enhances natural waves and curls
Promotes hair growth
Reduces split ends and hair damage
Helps balance a dry and itchy scalp
Tames frizzy and flyaway hair
Nourishes the hair and scalp
Long last conditioning effects
Well tolerated on sensitive skin and scalp
Helps to protect the hair from UV radiation damage
High in hair and scalp nutrients
Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and well tolerated by hyper-sensitive skin and skin prone to eczema, rosacea and psoriasis

Eye friendly, normal hair conditioners sting the eyes and can cause eye damage, not so with the marshmallow extract

How to Make Hair Conditioner from Marshmallow Root – Method 1 – Zero Energy
Simply soak 1 heaped tablespoon or 5g of marshmallow in 200ml of water over night.
Strain and use.

Allow the marshmallow root to dry (spread it out on a piece of a cloth or a tea towel) to obtain one further decoction, albeit a bit weaker. Or go straight ahead and create an additional batch using either method.

Assuming this second batch would be more than you would need to use, refrigerate or freeze it for future use.

How to Make Marshmallow Root Extract – Method 2
Add 1 heaped tablespoon or 5g of marshmallow root to 300ml of water.
Simmer for 15-20 minutes.
Strain and reserve the liquid for use as a hair conditioner.

You can also combine the methods, by pre-soaking the marshmallow roots before simmering them to reduce the processing time and increase the amounts of mucilage released.

It works well for children with long hair as hair combing and brushing can be a tad traumatic!
Store any unused Marshmallow Root Hair Conditioner in the refrigerator for 1 week or keep excess in the freezer.
One the roots have given up all of their mucilage, please just compost the remains and the paper packaging.
How to Use Marshmallow Root Hair Conditioner
Wash the hair and remove any excess water from the hair, 
Apply the marshmallow hair conditioner by pouring it bit by bit from a small jug, stroking the hair conditioner on with a small sponge, or using a squeezy bottle. Be sure that your natural hair conditioner is on both the scalp and the hair.
Leave the marshmallow root hair conditioner in the hair for the normal duration – a few minutes, or for longer if time allows.
Give the hair one very quick rinse (just a few seconds) in fresh water. Or, to maximize the thickening effect, forgo the rinse.

Other Uses for Marshmallow Root 
Eye Treatments – for dry skin on the eyes and dry eyes.
Make a compress, by dipping a section of muslin or linen cloth in the freshly prepared marshmallow root extract
Place the wet cloth over the closed eyes.
Leave on the eyes for 10 minutes.
When finished, simply wipe any excess off the eye lids.
A compress can be used anywhere on the body when the skin needs soothing such as after over-exposure to the sun or wind, rubbing from clothes or reactions from heat such as vehicle heating systems. Relief can also be obtained by spraying the extract on the skin and rubbing it over to give complete coverage.
Using Marshmallow Root in Cosmetic Formulations
Use as an ingredient in soap making, face and body cream formulations, anti-itch and anti-inflammatory salves and lotions.

It is also a great soother for irritated gut lining, heart burn, sore throats and tickly coughs.
Our marshmallow root is packed simply in a brown paper bag with a set of instructions. It would be a good idea to transfer the chopped roots into a clean jar for storage where, as a dried herb, it will keep for a year.
100% natural and sustainable
Additive free
Plastic free
Demeter Certified Organic and Soil Association Organic
100% Biodegradable
A zero energy hair conditioner (if you use the cold soaking method)
Extremely effective
Great value for money
Safe for the whole family including dogs
Reduces water consumption




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