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Shungite is a natural filter for water, absorbing up to 95% of polluting elements including heavy metals and radiation, as well as other harmful organic compounds and micro-organisms. Elite shungite is a type I shungite which the highest proportion of organic carbon in its composition (up to 98%). A natural healer, cleanser and energy stabilizer.  You can use lower grade chips but these are really continuously dusty and so not so nice for water, though they are great for putting on electrical equipment such as boilers, radiators, computers, modems etc.  

Elite Shungite Water Chips

2.5 Grams
  • Wash the stones in water to cleanse any dust.

    Take a 1-2 litre jug and put 3 pieces in the bottom (Although on the packet it says to use 50 grams this can actually make the water too acidic and studies by Nancy Hopkins show the field created by 3 pieces is enough) Her book Shungite Reality is recommended. The study with Bees and shungite is especially wonderful.

    Fill the jug, leave overnight or 24 hours for heavily effected water and then drink and replace what is used so that there is always charged water to start the new off.

    Once a month clean and clease and recharge the stones in sunlight.

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